Soccer is Killing Sunday School. Long Live Soccer.

I was doing some consulting work with another church and they were lamenting, cursing really, soccer.  Soccer was the downfall of their religious education program.  How could those soccer organizer/heathen’s schedule games on Sunday morning?!  I am amazed they got away with it, however, my response wasn’t very helpful to this particular congregation.  I suggested they ditch Sunday School start a soccer team.

Really.  That’s one of my fantasies.  A co-ed soccer team that begins practice with the lighting of the chalice, an inspirational reading, a team go-around “what are you working on today, and how can the team support you?”  Go practice guided by our values and principles.  Close with a team go around, “what you appreciate about your team mates or what you’re proud of from today’s practice….”

And what if we call ditched worship some Sunday and went to cheer for our team…

Religious Education doesn’t exclusively happen on Sunday from 10:30 -11:30 am. Religious Education happens when life intentionally happens and we’re alive and awake in the world.


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