Spiritual Support Plan

Many families have a safety plan in case of a fire or an earthquake.  We have squirreled away flashlights, batteries, candles and water.  We have given a list of emergency contacts to care providers and schools.

But what about a Spiritual Support Plan?  Do you know what each person in your family or church team needs when life has thrown them a challenge?  What is your family ritual to get back on track?  Is it a batch of Gramma Erma’s cookies and the movie Princess Bride with you all piled on the coach together? Perhaps one person needs you to rub their back and sing a childhood lullaby to ground them in their family roots.  On your church team maybe it’s a walk down by the river or coffee at a nearby bakery.

What is your collective plan and individual plans?  What is the code word or phrase for help? What is the signal that you can send across the crowded room to let your loved one know that you see them struggling and are sending special love lives, that they are not alone?

This piece was taken from a workbook called REjoice, REfresh, REcharge:  Spiritual Care for Religious Educators and Other Religious Leaders.  It is free to download by clicking on the title above.  It is a PDF formatted for legal size paper.  If you print it out on both sides it assembles nicely into a booklet.   If this is a resource you’d like to offer your RE team and would like to personalize it, please contact me and I’ll email you the document in Publisher:  tkoerger@uua.org.

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