Puppets May Save Us

I have visions of puppets overtaking our chancels. I have visions of Story for All Ages being acted out by huge caricatures of our ancestors. I have visions of General Assembly Banner Parade being shepherded by twenty foot puppets representing our principles and collective story.

So imagine my delight during Friday morning worship at General Assembly when a fleet of puppets burst down the aisles. Bumble bees, crickets, caribou, wolves, loons, and a huge (I mean huge) whale illustrated the sermon. It was joyful and poignant and appropriate for all ages. What a beautiful example.

If your congregation uses puppets in worship and/or religious education, please contact me.

5 thoughts on “Puppets May Save Us

  1. I use puppets monthly in our Children’s Chapel and have in the past year once used them during a Children’s Message in the sanctuary. Even the “toughest” 5th graders lighten up when you add a puppet skit or song. They’re also a great way to talk about difficult topics with the kids.

  2. I love puppets too. I have not found a way to integrate them into YPRE as much as I would like yet. I use them as part of the Heart Talk curriculum. Would love more ideas! Dominique

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